Meet J29 Inc.

   How Do We Create "Hope for the Future?"

J29 combines revolutionary technical solutions and services to create "Hope for the Future" for government agencies that can benefit from agile and data-driven transformations. Our team strives to provide industry-leading solution approaches to improve process, and business unit efficiencies  

Specializing in data management, agile program management, medical claims analysis, and case management, a combination of best-in-class technology platforms aid our staff in creating customized answers to challenges faced in the public sector.

J29 is a people centric company and this philosophy begins with our employees.  We believe that by putting people first we attract the best and brightest within our industries, while creating a culture of innovation, creativity and integrity.  Since employee satisfaction is directly proportional to customer satisfaction, we take great pride in our customers experience.

'Hope for the Future'




T: (202) 714-0910

1111 Benfield Blvd, Suite 114

Millersville, MD 21108

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