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About Us

J29 was founded to address a deficiency in the business world - a company that truly values its employees and treats them the way they deserve. We go above and beyond to try and enable our team to create transformation and innovation through a people-centric approach to everything they do.


Every month,

our earnings directly back to a different non-profit. See some of the non-profits that we are most involved with, below: 





J29 was named from the biblical verse, Jeremiah 29:11. This verse highlights a future of prosperity and hope, which directly connects to the culture and vision that J29  has for prioritizing employee-satisfaction. 

From this verse has come our motto, "Hope For the Future", which includes an employee-centric culture and innovation-driven delivery.


J29 was founded for what was missing across not only the business world, but specifically the public sector of contracting - an employee-centric focus

We are a people-centric, value driven, and quality partner repeatedly going above and beyond. Considering our employees as an extension of family, J29 believes in creating a culture of empowering our employees to do great things.


Involvement in the community is a pillar of J29 and all employees must be willing to participate in various community engagement efforts. Our team is motivated to deliver to our clients, knowing that a percentage our J29's earnings go directly to a local non-profit. We believe in partnering with organizations that are aligned to our company, and employee values and interests. Check out some of our philanthropy partners below:

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