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Featured Partners

Featured Innovation Partners

Partnership that enable us to bring innovation through healthcare analytics, claims automations, database governance, and data security. J29 partners with companies that aligned to our mission and share the same vision of bringing "Hope For the Future".

Partners that are dedicated to achieving mutual success allow us to bring in an outside perspective, leverage various expertise, and build relationships with key influencers in our market.


Technology partners that are aligned to bringing transformation to the healthcare domains are a vital and crucial aspect to our success. J29 is consistently striving to build upon its ever-growing partner programs. Below, you will find some of our current partnerships that are helping us bring innovation to the public sector:

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Featured Client Partners

J29 views agencies that we support as partners, rather than clients. It's important for us to align to agency mission and foster a long-term partnership, rather than a client-vendor partnership that doesn't promote innovation.

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