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The expectations that organizations have to hold their information technology systems to high standards is one that requires thorough expertise, and wide-ranging skillsets.


In today's technology environment, keeping pace with the constant changes, high performance demands, and pressure to deliver requires industry leaders who have the expertise needed to provide reliability. 


A service provider can serve as an extension of your department, handling services that allow your team members to concentrate their time on other efforts. Allowing us to create a process that will give your agency; reliability, assurance, and expertise that takes the stress away by incorporating J29. 


J29 effectively tailors a process that allows your organization re-distribute your resource to other demands within your company. Reliable assurances enable your organization to re-focus their efforts into growth. 


Combining world-class technology services, with a process served with industry leading people, J29 creates "Hope For The Future". Our expertise enables us to provide customized solutions that we tailor to exceed your demands. 


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Consulting as an agile practitioner can aid teams in a variety of agile competencies. As an agile coach, J29 can provide knowledge and people-based skills, as well as people and culture-based expertise such as;

  • Mentoring

  • Coaching

  • Business Mastery

  • Technical Mastery

  • Facilitating Sprints

  • Knowledge Teaching

  • Mindset & Behaviour Training

Commitment to agile teams in a cultural mindset, and our management team is experienced to guide agencies through these methodology transformations. 




Our program, and project, managers hold decades of Agile successes while maintaining a constant and ongoing pace for project success. Throughout our teams' key principles on Agile program success include stakeholder buy-in, agency satisfaction, sustainable development, readiness to change environments and show agility, and decreasing objective misses. 


Ensuring delivery through Agile methodologies is the upmost priority. Within agile there are many popular methods, with Scrum, Lean, and Kanban being the most popular. Scrum delivery allows for our development life cycles to conduct sprints, story reviews, scrum master direction, and priority assessments that increase productivity, lower costs, and eliminate life cycle conflicts.



The prominence of big data science in digital transformations is exceeding before our eyes. Government agencies who are able to make accurate, data-driven decisions have led to reductions in spending, timeline efficiencies, and productivity increases. 


J29 combines industry leaders in data science, big data, and analytics as we work to examine raw data sets to come to a conclusion on that information.  In our analytics competency, we look to incorporate machine learning (ML) with algorithms that can learn on their own. ML allows our team at J29 to analyze data to pedict outcomes, without someone programming the system to reach that conclusion.  


Simply put; big data is here to stay and we need to know what it tells us - we do this by creating visualizations. Creating visuals allows us to tell stories on that data by transforming it into a form easier to understand, highlighting the trends out outliers. 

From dashboards, infographics, and maps to tables, plots, and charts, we combine domain expertise with industry-leading tools to allow government agencies to comprehend the story their data is trying to tell. 


Our domain expertise in the public sector allows us to formally manage the data quality, methods, technologies, and behaviors around the proper management of data. J29 leverages program managers with deep understanding of creating systems of accountabilities and control over data asset management. 

Typical results from committing to data governance include; accurate regulation and compliance activities, lower costs within data management, increase in value of agency data, ability for standarized data policies and procedures, and increase data quality monitoring. 






Our team brings qualifications extending over twenty total years of experience for independently assessing various medical claims. Our team is additionally certified as Medicare Set-Aside Consultants (MSCC), Registered Nurse (RN), HIPAA, and Commission for Case Manager Certification (CCMS). In order to be experts in assessing medical claims, our team is also well-versed in medical terminology, ICD-9/10 Codes, Current Procedure Terminology (CPT) codes, worker's compensation fee schedules, and Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS) coding practices. 


Combining our medical expertise with our technical capabilities, our team is regularly reviewing process flows to determine ways to automate repeatable actions. By working to automate programs, we are committed to not only high performance, but making government workflows more efficient to cut down on delivery time and raise quality assurances. Our case reviewers, RN's, and quality analyst' actively work with our technical team in finding ways  to improve their workflows. By automating select process, government agencies are able to reduce costs while increasing efficiencies. 


J29 continues to work on a Data-Driven Decision Making (DDDM) environment that allows for our analyst to work with applicable stakeholder groups to better understand the story that their data is telling them. You can read more about how we "Let Data Talk", here. 

It is important for our agencies to understand what their data is telling them, and how they can improve business units by making decisions based off of data trends and analytics. 




Our certified case managers closely aling their processes to the Case Management Body of Knowledge (CMBOK). In this framework, we create value by breaking this process down into an eight-step development process; 

  1. Screening

  2. Assessing

  3. Planning

  4. Implementation

  5. Ongoing Follow-Up

  6. Transitioning

  7. Evaluating

As risk analysis is conducted, we incorporate predictive modeling, data runs and validations, and a diverse assessment phase that is tailored to the population management criteria. 



Through a seven-step process, our certified case managers work to gather the relevant data that can be analyzed by our team, as well as the agency. Data allows for problem identification, and can ultimately lead to a reduction in repetitive case submissions and a never ending healthcare cost. Data collection tools used include those of medical history, long-term services, demographic and background information, social determinants of health, post care encounters, and psychological support, among others. 


The evaluation phase of our case management approach is one that incorporates data collection, analysis, reporting, client feedback, and stakeholder communication. All in all, we conclude our case management life cycle by creating quality process and control recommendations to limit repetitive root causes of case creations. Through case assessments, J29 uses visualizations and risk analysis to report on the outputs from case processes. 



J29 has developed successful recruiting efforts that allow for quick turnarounds, qualified candidates, and marketable expertises. As a technology solutions provider, J29 takes pride in be able to staff the most qualified, and experienced personnel for any works that we are associated with.

Could you use assistance with your staffing needs?

          -Candidate sourcing, and "vetting"

          -Candidate interviews, screening

          -Candidate offer negotiations

          -HR, and recruiting "best practices"



The J29, Inc. Team provides an innovative perspective on the development and execution of human services program models. This perspective is built upon a comprehensive understanding of the intersection between policy and practice within all areas of human services programs.

Our team is comprised of a diverse group of nationally recognized workforce development experts with decades of experience at all levels of government. Ranging from policy development through operations management, the J29, Inc. team serves as a trusted partner in meeting the goals and vision of Human Services Agencies.


Our staff is not only qualified in technical fields, but administrative areas that may be beneficial to your team. Specifically, J29 is able to offer expertise in services related to accounting, and other financial-related sectors. Allow us to show the value that J29 presents in administrative, recruitment, or consultancy fields. 


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