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The expectations that organizations have to hold their information technology systems to high standards is one that requires thorough expertise, and wide-ranging skillsets.


In today's technology environment, keeping pace with the constant changes, high performance demands, and pressure to deliver requires industry leaders who have the expertise needed to provide reliability. 

A service provider can serve as an extension of your department, handling services that allow your team members to concentrate their time on other efforts. Allowing us to create a process that will give your departments reliability, assurance, and expertise, takes the stress away when you rely on J29. 


J29 effectively tailors a process that allows your organization re-distribute your resource to other demands within your company. Reliable assurances enable your organization to re-focus their efforts into growth. 



Combining world-class technology solutions, with a process served with industry leading people, J29 creates "Hope For The Future". Our expertise enables us to provide customized solutions that we tailor to exceed your demands. 


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How is J29 different than other stereotypical "Technology Solutions & Service" providers?

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J29 prides itself on valuing its employees, so that in return the effects will be displayed with the customers. Why would we treat your employees any different? With the modern day demands of technology, the reliability, support, and service that comes with that is one that requires dedicated experience and processes.

At J29, Help/Support desk services is apart of our foundation  that we pride ourself on using reliable processes that your users can trust. By implementing J29 to serving your customers, our experienced staff is prepared to handle any of their technological issues in am efficient, and timely matter. 

When your users aren't able to use the technical tools to do your job, how can your organization move forward? 


A network is as simple as a group of devices (computers, printers, phones, tablets, access points, etc that are connected to each other in order to share information. Having a reliable network makes your users able to make thorough, and data-driven decisions. 

J29 holds experience is being able to provide network security, management, and service to enable your network to preform more than just basic functions. 

As technology capabilities advance, it's important that you have a network that is able to move forward with the demand that we put on that information exchange. 


As data is beginning to be shared in more efficient ways the demand that organizations have on their devices should be maintained at a high level. 

J29 has experience in device management that comes with ensuring that user's devices are up-to-date security, networking, and functionality-wise in order to increase efficiency. As data sharing increases, the emphasis on endpoint security has been more prevalent then ever. 




The prominence of big data in digital transformations and exceeding before our eyes. Companies who are able to make accurate, data-driven decisions are surpassing their competitors to tough into innovative sectors. 


J29 combines industry leaders in data backup, recovery, and visualization to combine that with experts that understand the value that you need in outsourcing these business processes. Industries are collecting data are an ever-growing rate. Our solutions answer the "how, and why's" of data transformations. 


The truth is that most data breaches can be avoided. Specifically, on average, 91% of breaches could have been prevented. When valuing the protection, and privacy of your data, there are four avenues that J29 takes to prevent data leakage: 

          -External Intruders (hacking/breaches)

          -Employee Actions (malicious, or accidental)

          -Lost/Stolen Devices, or Documents

          -Fraud, and Social Engineering

Allow J29 to help you prevent your most valuable asset from being compromised.


Reliability should be instilled in choosing providers that are maintaining a high level of security themselves.


By combining advanced threat detection solutions, firewall protection, and implementing encryption and thorough layered protection, J29 puts a priority in enterprise security.  





The benefits of transitioning to the cloud are numerous. The cloud sector is growing nearly 20% per year, and is expected to reach $300B by 2022. Organizations should be implementing a cloud-first business strategy, and J29's cloud experts are here to aid in that decision making process.

There are drastic efficiency, cost, security, scalability, and recovery benefits to shifting to the cloud. Business processes are streamlined, and consolidated to strategic efforts for an ever-growing company.


Cloud computing creates not only better control over data is vital to any company. While we recognize that not every company will migrate to the cloud, those that do adopt are finding that the many benefits that positively impact their business. Allow us to work with you doing your journey to the cloud, utilizing our application development capabilities.


Migrating to the cloud is not a one-person effort. In fact, the majority of the migration process is decision and evaluating the possibilities in a successfully shift. The actual action of shifting data to the cloud is the least time-consuming task. Combining world-class migration tools, with skilled professionals allows for a successful integration to the cloud. 



J29 has developed successful recruiting efforts that allow for quick turnarounds, qualified candidates, and marketable expertises. As a technology solutions provider, J29 takes pride in be able to staff the most qualified, and experienced personnel for any works that we are associated with.

Could you use assistance with your staffing needs?

          -Candidate sourcing, and "vetting"

          -Candidate interviews, screening

          -Candidate offer negotiations

          -HR, and recruiting "best practices"



The J29, Inc. Team provides an innovative perspective on the development and execution of human services program models. This perspective is built upon a comprehensive understanding of the intersection between policy and practice within all areas of human services programs.

Our team is comprised of a diverse group of nationally recognized workforce development experts with decades of experience at all levels of government. Ranging from policy development through operations management, the J29, Inc. team serves as a trusted partner in meeting the goals and vision of Human Services Agencies.


Our staff is not only qualified in technical fields, but administrative areas that may be beneficial to your team. Specifically, J29 is able to offer expertise in services related to accounting, and other financial-related sectors. Allow us to show the value that J29 presents in administrative, recruitment, or consultancy fields. 


'Hope for the Future'



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